The World’s Largest Bitcoin Conference Returns to Miami for 2022

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After the success of Bitcoin 2021, the event organizers needed a larger area for the upcoming year’s conference. The 2021 Bitcoin conference was held at Mana Wynwood, Miami; it successfully drew more than 12,000 investors and financial technology leaders from all over the world. Attendees of the Bitcoin 2021 event invested around $3.3 million in the local economic impact. However, next year the number of attendees is expected to be around 30,000 according to Rick Scott Jason Cooper. Read on to learn more about the world’s largest Bitcoin conference, 2022.

Bitcoin Conference 2021 | How It Changed the World

Renowned today as the largest Bitcoin Conference of the year 2021, the Miami Beach Bitcoin 2021 made history by being the first-ever public event during the pandemic. Most of the attendees were Bitcoin maximalists – people who believe that Bitcoin rules the world of cryptocurrency, so buzzwords like Blockchain, NFT, BTD and token floated around.

The vibe of the event was electric. A sold-out crowd of 12,000 people spent two days sending their cryptocurrency from wallet to wallet, hugging and closing business and investment deals in between speeches and panels. The standard pass of the historical event cost $1499. However, the premium guests paid for a highly coveted “whale pass” – an orange bracelet representing individuals who own large sums of Bitcoin. The pass also granted access to an extra day comprising exclusive parties, a private area in the conventional hall, a free bar, and speaker sessions.

From people in funky casuals and Bitcoin-personalized t-shirts to businessmen dressed in standard Wall Street business casual, the crowd was a perfect mix for networking. Nic Carter, the founding partner at Castle Island Ventures, told CNBC in an interview, “Whether they were attendees or just in Miami for the events, it is the most institutional participation that I have ever seen in a Bitcoin conference.”

For people who weren’t Bitcoin geeks, the spectacular after parties were a real draw. From sumo wrestling matches to yacht parties with a Decentralized Finance theme, to NFT art gallery openings, social network building sessions on blockchain technology, and Bitclout-dedicated cocktail hours, thousands of people learned while having the time of their life. The list of renowned speakers included Tony Hawk, Jack Dorsey, Edward Snowden, Ron Paul, Michael Saylor, Nick Szabo, Ross Ulbricht, Elizabeth Stark, and many more.

The event brought the great city of Miami business as people planned to move here or at least have an additional office for their ventures, crypto-exchanges, and startups in the city of Miami. Even the mayor portrayed himself as a Bitcoin enthusiast. He announced that the administration of Miami is planning to accept tax payments in Bitcoin and will allow employees to withdraw their salaries in cryptocurrency as the city is planning to hold Bitcoin on its balance sheet as well.

Summing it all up, the success of the Bitcoin 2021 conference has been one for the history books. It didn’t only boost the value of the cryptocurrency, but it also made people realize that cryptocurrency is our future. David Bailey, the CEO of BTC Inc., said on the success of the event, “Bitcoin 2021 was extremely successful, bringing over 12,000 industry leaders and experts to Miami, where they spent an entire week celebrating the Bitcoin industry and enjoying all of the amazing food, art, and entertainment South Florida has to offer.” 

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Bitcoin Conference 2022 | What to Expect?

After the success of the Bitcoin 2021 conference, people were eagerly awaiting the announcement for the following year’s conference. That’s when the organizer and CEO of BTC Inc., David Bailey, announced that, “The Miami Beach Convention Center is the perfect place to host next year’s Bitcoin Conference (2022). It will be better and bigger than ever, and we expect Bitcoin 2022 to be our most successful event yet.”

The Dates

Following the announcement, the Bitcoin 2022 Conference is expected to be held from April 6 to April 9, 2022. The upcoming conference will have an additional one-day festival named the Sound Money Fest; it is planned to celebrate the achievements of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin through art, music, and other forms of entertainment.

Similar to last year, the Bitcoin 2022 conference will commence with an Industry Day for Whale pass holders. It will be the day when the Bitcoin ecosystem converges with fintech, energy infrastructure, and legacy finance. The industry day will host around eighty speakers, four thousand companies, and six thousand global industry leaders, who will talk about the technical development of Bitcoin, institutional Bitcoin mining, and targeted networking tracks for institutional finance. Moreover, there will be a platform for future Bitcoin startups to pitch their ideas to the global leaders at the end of the day.

Following this, the two consecutive days (April 7 and April 8) of the leading conferences will comprise multiple speaker and panel sessions by the top three hundred speakers in the world. The standard pass starts from $399, whereas the industry pass cost $899, and if you are only planning to attend the social events, the festival pass costs $99.


The premium passes, also known as the Whale Pass, are for the event’s most exclusive attendees. The pass grants VIP access to all conferences throughout the four-day event and luxurious facilities such as premium food, drinks, and exclusive matchmaking and networking opportunities with the top entrepreneurs of the world.  Moreover, the Bitcoin 2022 organizers are also planning to subsidize tickets for students and open-source Bitcoin contributors. However, more details on this are yet to come.

Who Is Expected to Attend?

With an estimated number of more than 35,000 attendees, 100 artists, 3,000 organizations, 300 speakers, and 250 sponsors, the Bitcoin 2022 conference aims to bring all the founders, Bitcoin experts, C-suite executives, and newcomers together under one roof. William Talbert, CEO, and President of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau said, “The Bitcoin 2022 Conference adds to a great portfolio of signature events taking place in Miami Beach. The commitment of the organizers of moving the event to the Miami Beach Convention Center is proof positive that the significant investments made to the convention center have been worthwhile, and the economic impact of these events to our community cannot be overstated.”

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are undoubtedly the future of the world, so if you are looking for an event where you will get the chance to explore, learn, invest, and even become a billionaire one day, all while having fun, grab your tickets to the Bitcoin 2022 conference right away!

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